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Enjoy a modern and fast internet connection. Anywhere, anytime.

Does your business need to be online 24/7? Modern Starlink Internet technology ensures high speed, good network throughput and low latency even in remote locations and in all weather conditions. Be independent of terrestrial internet and always in touch with the world.

How It Works

  • The Starlink Internet system is based on a number of satellites in low Earth orbit, at an altitude of approximately 550 km. This is a much shorter distance than was previously common, so connecting via Starlink is incomparably faster and smoother than conventional satellite internet.
  • A user on the ground installs a satellite with the help of an app, and it independently orients itself and connects with the nearest satellite within minutes. Each satellite receives and sends data to/from a data centre that ensures a stable and seamless connection of each user to the world via the internet.

Starlink v číslech

Download speed
up to 200 Mbps

20 - 40 ms

30 days
to try out

Starlink Business v číslech

Download speed
up to 200 Mbps

20 - 40 ms

High throughput
network for up to 20

How to Use Starlink

  • The only condition is that the satellite needs a clear view of the sky.
  • Use the mobile app to find the ideal location. This app also allows you to control and monitor the quality of the connection.
  • You can control an unlimited number of sets from a single account.
  • No contracts, data caps or exclusive tie-ins to a single supplier.
  • Simply order, install and use. As your primary or backup internet source.

4 Easy Steps

  1. You order Starlink from us.
  2. We provide the hardware.
  3. We mount the satellite on your roof or other suitable location and make sure it automatically connects with the nearest Starlink satellite. We will connect and set up the WiFi router.
  4. You can use the internet.

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