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We have many years of experience in corporate and individual security of overall infrastructure, equipment and communications. Our goal is to analyze the vulnerability of the environment, to design an optimal solution and to apply it. At the same time, we have technologies and workflows that allow us to predict the potential vulnerability of the IT environment and prevent possible data leakage before it occurs. All of our cyber security services are already in line with the Cyber Security Law (GDPR).


This regulation applies to all organizations, institutions and individuals who deal with the personal data of employees, as well as customers and suppliers across all sectors. All such entities must adapt the processing of personal data protection to ensure the processes, documents and ICT infrastructure associated with the processing of data of this nature in order to comply with this regulation.

How can we help?

In connection with the aforementioned regulation and its obligations, we can help you to analyze what is in your organization under the GDPR and to implement the appropriate measures and solutions, individually, with regard to your business environment.

The analysis itself will not only serve as a basis for introducing new standards from GDPR but will also reveal the potential vulnerability of an IT environment that can greatly affect your overall level of data protection.

Business Critical support

With Business Critical Support, you have 24/7 standby service and the next business day resolution.


Antivirus protection

We come across more and more sophisticated viruses and malicious software on a daily basis. Decrypting dozens of devices and organizations, and providing comprehensive virus protection. Based on this experience, we are able to secure your infrastructure and eliminate direct financial threats.

  • we provide consulting and advisory services
  • we provide a comprehensive service from optimizing solution to a specific deployment
  • updating existing virus protection
  • the ability to save money by unifying all licenses into one
  • we are a GOLD PARTNER security solution from ESET and since last year we are one of PANDA Security’s exclusive product suppliers